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13260163_871474389648485_4126500587283772794_nLiving passionately changed the way I respond in my life. I found a part of me that feels excited for all life has to offer. I still face my challenges like everyone else but my internal enduring flame is not diminished by external circumstances.

The art and practice of allowing transformed my life. Allowing is letting go of resistance. Resistance was a learned practice for me; I didn’t even know I was doing it. It was automatic. I resisted being more than I thought I could be by making excuses about why I couldn’t: I was too busy, didn’t have enough time, had too many responsibilities, couldn’t afford it….the list goes on.

I had always concentrated on being a good daughter, a good wife, a good mother and a good friend but I had never explored the essence of what I was capable to do or be. Who was I when my roles were removed? What passion laid dormant ready to be awakened?

The finding of my passion in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy inspired me to become motivated to follow the calling of my inner being. As a therapist working intimately with people I feel extremely privileged, a position that I sincerely honour.

None of this would have eventuated had I not fort off my demons of resistance. I procrastinated for years, longing to find what filled me with bliss but unable to truly connect with anything I attempted. I wish there had been a shortcut for me, perhaps there was but I didn’t look in the right places. This doesn’t mean that I did nothing, I studied; massage, reiki, astrology and numerology among other things, but nothing has brought me the intense satisfaction and dedication I feel as I work therapeutically with people.

My voice of resistance was filled with fear; what if I can’t do it? What if I fail? And the list goes on.

Fortunately my passion had a second louder voice; What if I love it? And I did. What if I pass? And I did. What if it leads to an entirely different life full of inspired action? And it has far surpassed this expectation, I am thrilled to report.

The fear of success can be just as crippling as the fear of failure; I still wonder which one had a grip on me. Maybe a little of both!

I was a late bloomer by most standards, and the practice of allowing, letting go of resistance and trusting myself to step outside my familiar boundaries and truly embrace my passion has altered my life in a way that leaves me breathless.

I so look forward to supporting you, motivating you and teaching you to follow your passion by taking your inspired action.

Let your passion and inspired action take your breath away. YOU CAN DO IT!

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