Transform your Future Heal your Past

Transform your Life


More self acceptance and self love  |  Increase your confidence and self worth  |  Tap into your passion and zest for living

Powerful and experiential retreat...

... so you can be the best version of YOU

This retreat offers you an opportunity for you to explore more deeply what is holding you back from living your life with meaning passion and purpose.

“With metaphor, music, myth, spiritual practices and dramatic and artistic expression,
we can move into a more direct contact with the planetary energies,
and in so doing, we rediscover the depths of ourselves”


Barbara Schermer

What will I gain from attending this retreat

 The ability to connect with yourself, others in a beautiful supportive and non judgemental environment.

 More self acceptance and self love

 The ability to have more awareness around self limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour

 Mindfulness and meditation practices

 Learn how to live in the NOW and let go of the past

 Increase your confidence and self worth

 Tap into your passion and zest for living

 Learn how to ‘lose your mind and come to your senses’ – the journey from your head and busy mind into your heart and emotions.

During this retreat we will be working experientially using Gestalt Psychotherapy, Astro drama, Family Constellations, Psychodrama
Group process (which includes a ‘Parts Party’)

Gestalt Therapy

Both Tamika and Penny are Gestalt Psychotherapists, so as part of the retreat, Gestalt techniques will be weaved into the processes and group work.

Gestalt is a holistic therapy which allows you to understand how you are in relationship to others, whilst bringing awareness of past, present and future hopes and how this impacts upon current experiences.

Using Gestalt techniques offers you an opportunity to work in a creative and experiential way allowing you to gain a better understanding of how your emotional and physical bodies are connected.

Astro Drama

In ancient times people related to the planets as living things and recognized the essential energies of the different planets.

Using the techniques of role play which make up a large part of psychodrama and Gestalt Psychotherapy, you will be able to explore the relationship between the planets in your natal chart.

In essence, Astro Drama gives you to an embodied experience of the planetary energies, aspects and transits, as opposed to merely talking about your chart and what is occurring astrologically.

Working experientially with mythology, music, metaphor, movement, imagery and role play will allow you to bring your astrological natal chart to life. Astro Drama or experiential astrology engages your intuitive and creative right hemisphere of the brain.

Be prepared for an enriching, fun and enlightening experience as we explore your Astrological natal chart.

Group process

As part of the retreat, each day we offer group process. Using the power, connection and support of the group creates a positive and healing environment where you can discover how you are in relation to others. Being part of a group allows you to listen and learn from each other.

You will also experience feelings of belonging, cohesion, safety and support where you can access emotions and build self-awareness.


Psychodrama is an extremely useful therapeutic tool enabling you to access profound awareness and deep understanding of relational and emotional dynamics at play in your life.

A psychodrama is facilitated by a therapist, who directs the psychodrama to allow the participant to actively engage with their problematic issue.

Psychodrama is generally been performed within a group environment but is actually focused on one participant and their personal issue with supporting roles played by group members to assist the participant to gain awareness and insight.

Psychodrama allows you to slip under the conscious critical faculty and allow you to access your subconscious realities in order to create real change.

The magic happens when you are able to understand the dynamic at play in your difficult relationships using techniques that allow you to let go of the emotional “baggage” that binds you to them.

Interestingly, it’s not only the actual participant that benefits through their personal Psychodrama, the supporting group also has access to awareness in their own lives that creates an energetic shift for them as well.

Psychodrama is a powerful, insightful and productive modality that leads to meaningful and lasting change.

Family constellations

During our retreat we will be offering you the opportunity to work within the group using Family Constellations. This is an extremely powerful process where you have the power to shift and change generations of suffering and unhappiness.

Bert Hellinger, founded this work throughout his 50 years of working, studying and treating families. He observed that we can unconsciously carry on destructive familial patterns, such as addiction, mental health issues, illness, trauma guilt or shame.

Like Psychodrama, Family Constellations is usually performed within a group environment, however it can be facilitated by selecting objects or felt squares to represent family members. During the retreat we will be using the power and support of the group environment and by doing a constellation, allowing you to break any familiar patterns so you can let go of what doesn’t belong to you, hence opening opportunities for you to be healthier, happier and live a more peaceful and fulfilled life.

"Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents.
Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly.
Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces
that have been carried unconsciously over several generations."


Barbara Schermer

Parts Party

As part of the group process we are excited to be offering a ‘Parts Party’ during the retreat.

What is a “Parts Party” you may ask!

A parts party gives you the opportunity to explore aspects of YOU previously unacknowledged, disowned or not allowed, nor possible, due to a multitude of reasons.

We all have operating systems that we deem make us acceptable, such as;

Do you always need to be calm and never show anger?

Do you feel compelled to always agree with people, even when you don’t?

Have you always needed to be the “Good” girl/boy to be accepted?

Have you always been shy and would like to explore being outgoing?

These are just a few examples of operating systems at play within our lives.

A parts party gives you permission to truly lean into what it would be like for you to be the opposite, examples are;

  • Bring your anger or assertiveness to the party and experience how that is for you.
  • Disagree with anyone and everyone and see how that feels
  • Be the “bad” girl/boy, show up being rebellious and have fun exploring the difference.
  • Put shyness aside for just a little while and pretend to be outgoing or even outrageous if you can push it that far.

The “Parts Party” is only two hours in duration and is conducted within the safe and supportive confines of our closed retreat group; it serves to give open expression to the unexpressed aspects of us.

Tamika and Penny will be there to support any resistance and assist you to ‘grade’ or change the role to suit you and keep you safe. A debrief is conducted at the conclusion.


We attend a parts party dressed the way “that” part would present itself. E.g.

  • Anger may show up wearing boxing gloves, and be quite loud and aggressive.
  • The “Good” girl/boy may work with the polarity and arrive displaying outrageous and oppositional behaviour.
  • The shy or quiet person may arrive in bright and outlandish clothes and experiment with being outgoing and confident.

These are just a few examples but everything is acceptable at a “parts party” as long as it’s not physically dangerous to you or the other participants.

Even though this may seem scary or a bit silly on the surface, a Parts Party has the potential to unlock aspects of YOU that have been hidden away for various reasons and for possibly a lifetime.

This is deeply profound work that provides insight and awareness into the undeveloped aspects of your personality, beliefs and operating systems.

It can be lots of fun AND it can be confronting as you meet and come face to face with parts of YOU that have been hidden, and now allowed out for maybe the first time ever.

What “PART” of you is “bubbling up” to show up?