Reignite your Passion at our Retreats

Women and Couple retreats for relaxation, wellness and healing - Passion for Living Retreats

Regenerate your zest for living; don’t allow life’s hectic circumstances to diminish your sense of humour and levity. Breathe life back into your PASSION and welcome back the levity created in your joyful heart and spirit.  The main focus of our Women's retreats and Couple's retreats is the joy in transformation. The opportunity to slow down, take some time just for you, learn about the spiritual and wellness benefits of mindfulness, mediation and how changing your mind set can improve your wellbeing and quality of life.

Tamika and Penny are both Gestalt Psychotherapists and Clinical Hypnotherapists, who have many years’ experience working individually with clients and facilitating groups. From a Gestalt framework, there is a focus on ‘losing your mind and coming to your senses’, hence Penny and Tamika both work in a holistic way, focusing on integration of the mind, body and spirit.




Transform your future

Using the transformative power of NOW

Puri Sunia Resort, Ubud, Bali, 30th May - 5th June, 2019

Connect with and understand yourself and others better, while enjoying a beautiful supportive and non judgemental environment.  Explore experientially through: Psychodrama, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Astro Drama, Family Constellations, Group Processes & a Parts Party!

Re-ignite your Passion Retreat

Indulge yourself in our Women's Retreat in Bali hosted at award winning 

Puri Sunia Resort Ubud Bali, inquire about 2018

for the transformational experience of a lifetime.


Exploring Connection

Renew and nurture your loving connection on the beach at the beautiful

Puri Sunia Resort, Ubud, Bali, 31st May - 6th June, 2018

Connecting Couples retreat offers you the opportunity to revive, refresh and renew not only the health of your relationship with your partner, but your relationship with YOU.  Gaining new insight into yourself allows you to explore how you are in relationship with your partner at our Bali retreat.



Pathways that help you identify, recognise and understand where any self-limiting beliefs originated.
Techniques to enable you to move past these long held beliefs, creating new space to engage more PASSIONATELY in all areas of your life

How to use neurobiology to create new neural pathways through mindfulness and meditation.  Parts of yourself you may not recognise, and discover how you can integrate these little understood parts to support you to live more PASSIONATELY.  Explore the “stress” factor and enter discussion about how “stress” affects your PASSION in different ways and in different areas of your life.

You will come to understand which feminine energy (archetype) you are most closely aligned to, and how this plays out in your life.
While our content is enlightening and truly transformative we aim to keep it light and refreshingly easy to grasp. This is NOT a seminar; you are not required to demonstrate any skill set at the conclusion. Our retreats are educational at your soul’s level offering you new techniques and improved skills to increase your ability to live your PASSION.
Each day will contain some content, some participation and lots of PASSION, as we engage with each other in a caring, confidential, respectful and loving way.We will hold the space for you to feel truly “met” right where you are, here and now. This provides each member with permission to bring their authentic concerns, desires and truth into the open, should they wish to.
While participation is encouraged it is NOT mandatory, some people learn best by quietly observing. In a group environment magic can happen; when one person participates, all members benefit, each taking from the experience their own learning and healing.Taking quiet time for yourself may be the healing your spirit is looking for. We will be guided by you about what most serves your need to explore and increase your PASSION for living.