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What to expect at our Exploring Connection retreat

The exploring and enjoying Connection retreat is designed for men, women and couples who refuse to wait any longer to nurture their relationship with themselves, with others and with nature. So if you want more connection with others, with yourself, with life - you are on the right track, keep reading because what we are offering at the Exploring and enjoying Connection retreat is the whole concept of connection at its best. 


Within a few short months, Tamika not only helped us work through a challenging period in our relationship, but she provided us with practical strategies for improving our communication with each other. Through Tamika’s care and guidance we learned how to set aside time for each other and to make ‘us’ a priority in our busy lives. We would not hesitate to recommend Tamika as she has changed our lives.

B & V Sydney   

Through Tamika we were able to look at what was happening for us as individuals and how we were triggering each other and sabotaging our relationship. We met when we were very young and found that our marriage was at a stage where it was stale and unhealthy. Wow, it was like Tamika turned on the light for us and we were able to become aware of what we were doing to ourselves and to each other. Through Tamika’s understanding, knowledge and wisdom, we were able to learn how to have an authentic, open and intimate relationship. Thank you Tamika

B & D Central Coast   

Hey Penny,

I’m emailing you from Paris!!! Thought you’d like to know we are adding French to those other love languages you taught us about, haha. We are on a second honeymoon celebrating the new life we have found in our marriage. Who knew such passion could be resurrected after 25 years! You’re a legend Penny; thanks for all your insight and for helping us see what was causing us to lose interest in each other. This new life was definitely worth the effort.

Jim and Jen W, Sydney   

I have been to the Reigniting your Passion and Exploring Connection retreats now and I just love them. The setting, the accommodation, food and the beautiful people you meet is just wonderful. Penny and Tamika are fantastic facilitators, I love the closeness you feel with everyone. There is so much variety including meditation, astrology, and group work all done within a safe and fun environment.

There is plenty of time for relaxation and the outings are inspiring. I would thoroughly recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to get in touch with themselves and others, it was a fantastic experience.


What is the retreat all about?

Successful and so much Fun

Passion for Living Retreats extends an enticing invitation to men, women and/or couples who are curious about exploring the concept of connection.

Just imagine what it would be like to feel connected with YOURSELF. Perhaps this is a novel concept, particularly if you have grown up having to disconnect from yourself in order to survive. How can you connect with others if you have no connection with yourself?
Many people try to do this and wonder why they fail to connect with their partner or with others.

Connection is defined as; “a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with someone or something else”

In today’s busy world, with work, financial commitments and stress as well as the whole concept of the internet and social media, such as facebook, instagam etc, there is a real sense of disconnect . How many times do you see families sitting at a table in a restaurant all looking at their iPhones instead of looking at each other and enjoying the amazing connection of each other? Or, do you see people walking along the street looking at their iPhone instead of looking up and making contact with the people on the train, the bus or the street.

AdobeStock_93655338Whilst social media is all about connection, in a lot a cases it really has resulted in a society of being disconnected.

Join us now as we explore what is like to STOP from the busyness of your life, to put aside the distractions, to just be and to allow time to FEEL what it is like to connect with yourself. When you can feel and enjoy being connected to you, it is so much easier to connect with and enjoy others.

We are excited to be offering you this opportunity to invest into your connectivity. Whether it be work related, family, social, romantic or self connection you crave we have the tools to equip you and move you into more satisfying, comfortable and enjoyable connections.

Learn how connection can uplift your spirit

AdobeStock_133460807When you join us, you will learn how connection can uplift your spirit and how it can reawaken your zest for life so you can step into and explore balance, rejuvenation and your passion and purpose.


What stands in the way of authentic, deep, meaningful and lasting connection?  WE DO!!! THAT’S WHO!

How are you blocking connection in your life?
Connection and relationship should be enjoyable, in whatever form it takes.
Don’t we all want to be enjoyed? What is being enjoyed?

Being enjoyed is different to being appreciated, respected, admired etc. All these before mentioned feelings are something that is offered to you by another in return for something done or given.  Being enjoyed is a lightness of being you receive when that lightness is shared with another who is enjoying you. It isn’t dependent on any circumstance of deserving.

Use mindful practices to enhance your health and well-being

How do you cultivate this lightness of being that culminates in being thoroughly enjoyed?

AdobeStock_69572694 One great example is through playfulness...A lost art of most grown-ups!!
Playfulness helps build relationships, fosters intimacy, and invites spontaneity and creativity. Look how children bond through play!
Playfulness is actually a skill that can be developed; let us guide you towards what brings more life into being alive. Doesn’t everyone want to feel more ALIVE? Come play with us in Bali!

AdobeStock_110333086 Being Mindful is another way to experience that sense of being more alive.
Mindfulness as a practice and the allowing of self compassion opens the gateway for you to hold compassion for others leading to greater connection. As you gain an understanding of yourself, your understanding of others increases. Mindfulness doesn’t need to be deep and heavy; it can be inspiringly light while bringing great awareness and joy.

Connection of your Body and Mind

Your body is your biggest connection here on Earth as you travel in it constantly. Your body and your mind are intimately wired and connected and when this connection is not in balance...disease is the result! It needn’t be this way. We’d be delighted to teach you to use mindful practices to enhance your health and well-being, bringing more aliveness into your life.

We all have core needs that when met, propel us towards living a more motivated and inspired life. Learn what these needs are and how they support you in connection, joy and fulfillment. We’d be honoured to share the formula that allows you to attain them.
Your brain has the ability to grow new neural connections all through your life. This ability is called neuroplasticity. This is truly exciting as it means you ultimately have the ability to train your brain toward connection in the very way you desire. Let us help you retrain your brain!

Explore your Connection today

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