Who is Raquel Spencer and why should I attend?

Raquel Spence is a catalyst for ILLUMINATION of the Human Spirit; she is a transformational Leader, Speaker and Visionary.

From managing the corporate world to exploring new dimensional levels, Raquel Spencer has travelled an extraordinary path to a new understanding of the many planes of existence.
A graduate of California State University-Sacramento with a B.S. in Business, Spencer worked with Fortune 100 companies for more than twenty years. Her life profoundly shifted after waking from a five-week unexplained medical coma in 1985. The coma marked the beginning of her personal awakening.

In 2009 Spencer left the corporate world to become a full time metaphysical and spiritual teacher with clients around the globe. She has been recognized by world renowned spiritual forerunners, North and South American shamans, Hindu priests and Tibetan lamas alike as a “key player” in the advancement of human consciousness. Today, she teaches and supports a growing audience of metaphysicians, truth seekers and initiates worldwide through workshops, conferences, special events, private one-on-one sessions and small group journeys to sacred sites.

Raquel writes: “I have spent my life navigating between worlds. My personal experiences have assisted with developing a level of compassion, wisdom and the multidimensional understanding to be an effective Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Energetic Channel for our times.”

Insightful, compassionate, intuitive and with a great sense of humour, Spencer’s personality is down-to-earth even as she brings us into highly advanced levels of human potential.

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