Astrology (2)The promise of our Re-ignite your Passion retreat is a transformational and integrative experience we have created to make it ‘all about YOU’. We have combined Astrology into this workshop, so not only do you have the opportunity to build awareness through our groups, experiential exercises and connection with others, you can discover insights into your astrological natal potentials and predispositions. Building awareness of the universal influences, can help you to achieve the best possible version of YOU.

Particular focus will be on your Venus/inner Goddess energy AND, you will have the opportunity to experience your inner Goddess. Venus represents pleasure, love, romance, harmony, connection, being social, beauty, creativity, artistic abilities, charm and grace, sensuality and explores your connection with all of the senses. How passionately divine, that you will have the opportunity to connect or reconnect with this part of you and allow your senses to swoon whilst on retreat with us.

The beauty of Bali and the nurturing environment will enable your divine feminine Venus energy to come forth and be allowed to play and express herself. Each participant will be provided with a copy of their birth chart and we will be working experiential with the chart doing Astrological circle work exploring what constellation Venus was in when you were born (a full pre or post private astrological reading available upon request at an additional cost).

Our retreat promises to awaken your inner goddess energy from deep within and give you clear guidance to nurture, strengthen and balance your feminine energy. With the combination of Astrology, experiential circle work, daily meditation, yoga, our daily group work, experiential learning, fun and laughter, relaxation, rest, connection (with self and others) we guarantee you will leave our retreat feeling revitalised, energised, inspired about your life, refreshed, transformed and reconnected with your passion.


About your facilitators

Tamika Dwight-Scott

As well as being a fully qualified Counsellor, Gestalt Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Resource Therapist and facilitator, Tamika is also a fully qualified and experienced Evolutionary Astrologer. Tamika works experientially with circle work (see above image) so you are able to explore various parts of your chart energetically.  By analysing the Astrological natal chart, Tamika is able to able to explore natal predispositions and characteristics which will assist you to tap into inner strengths or unused energy. Through this process unconscious patterns that may be hindering you, are brought into your awareness. This awareness enables you to make informed choices about your future, rather than struggling with current events and behavioural patterns.

Clients have reported immense benefits from combining an Astrology session as part of their healing process. By holding a spiritual and holistic approach to work and life, Tamika is able to provide a respectful, safe and supportive environment where you can explore both individual and relationship concerns. This caring and emphatic approach to supporting you encourages and assists you to develop self-awareness and to use this gained knowledge for personal growth and positive life changes.


What is Evolutionary Astrology?

In traditional astrology, the Sun, Moon and Ascendant are emphasized, as well as the inner and outer planets. Looking at the placement of the natal planets undoubtedly play a role in the big picture, however, with Evolutionary Astrology, there is an opportunity to delve deeper and address the ‘soul’ intentions in this life time. By uncovering and bringing into awareness past dynamics that may have prevented optimal growth and joy, Evolutionary Astrology not only offers insights into where the soul has been, but it looks at your current life purpose, and what needs to be done in this lifetime in order to fully evolve. You may find patterns continue to repeat in your life, re-creating what is familiar, however, these patterns may not necessarily serve you.

Evolutionary Astrology unveils the ‘why’ in these patterns and offers insights and guidance into a soul’s evolutionary path, hence enabling you more awareness, self-empowerment, balance and the ability to live your life reflecting your Soul’s deepest desires and intention for this life. 


Tamika offers a compassionate, caring and supportive environment that will allow you to overcome limiting obstacles that have held you back from leading a full and healthy life.

Penny Brenton

Penny’s energy and passion flows through her work as fully qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Facilitator, Trainer and Assessor. Penny also has a deep interest in Astrology and has studied Evolutionary Astrology with Steven Forrest.

Understanding how astrology impacts different areas of your life empowers you to find your inherent strengths and weaknesses and creates a framework for personally discovery.

As a Gestalt therapist Penny works with her client in the present, right here, right now. This enables any current distress or  symptoms to show themselves and be explored with compassion and curiosity. What does your body want you to know?

The premise of Gestalt therapy is that everything that has happened in your life, good or bad, whether it has been dealt with or not, remains energetically contained within your body, the remnants of old uncomfortable issues can manifest as disease or discomfort at some level. 

Physically, this trapped energy can manifest as acute or chronic disease, pain in your body, a propensity to injury, allergies, weight issues, addictions and more. Clinical Hypnotherapy Did you know that you actually spend the first seven years of your life in a state of Hypnosis? Up until age seven your brain functions below consciousness at theta level; this is the level of imagination.  his explains imaginary friends and how children can get lost in their imaginings.

It is in this timeframe that you were being hypnotically downloaded through what you saw, heard and experienced, these downloads created the files that would ultimately become your beliefs about yourself and the world. These beliefs can either positive and supportive or negative and sabotaging.

If you have downloaded a negative belief which is so often the case, approximately 95% of the time, and this is belief is running your program, you will automatically switch to a default belief for example; I’m not smart enough, I can’t do that, it’s difficult for me to learn, I’ll never get approval, I fail at everything etc. This then creates stress in the physical and emotional body and we experience distress and symptoms as our ability to create is stifled. Penny’s therapeutic passion and expertise lays in engaging with you and uncovering your unconscious self-limiting beliefs.

Penny ( utilizes Gestalt therapy to access the cause of your distress. By exploring and identifying the saboteur in your belief system that created this distress, she is then able to use hypnosis to undo those old limiting beliefs and install a more compatible and empowering operating program that enables more positive forward movement in the desired direction.

Because every thought you have is governed by your unconscious database of beliefs, what is the likely outcome of success if those beliefs are largely destructive? Clinical Hypnotherapy has the ability to heal all manner of distress without the need for traumatic reaction. What has ever been learned can be unlearned!

Life can be as simple as “change your mind to change your life”.

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