Penny Brenton

My passion is to inspire you, motivate you and introduce you to that awesome being that you have been hiding or protecting. This part of YOU that is longing for expression in a more passionate and meaningful way. Your souls’ longing, if not explored and expressed, can lead to all manner of discomfort; mentally, emotionally and physically. This is a representation of something missing in your life.

This emptiness can manifest as; depression, anxiety, fears/phobias, addictions, relationship problems, sleeping disorders, just to name a few. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Gestalt Psychotherapist and Counsellor I work therapeutically using a wide range of techniques including imagery and metaphor. It’s fascinating how the un conscious mind relates to images and story in a way that promotes healing. When you shift you mind out of the way, with all its preconditioned reactions, the un conscious responds to find new operating programs to offer you a better result.

My own journey began 35 years ago, when after a strict Catholic upbringing I found myself in the divorce court. Divorce..big sin No.1 Now, as though this wasn’t enough, add three years and I wanted to get married again…really big sin No.2. I can still remember how this trauma disempowered me, leaving me feeling helpless and powerless. As ridiculous as this all seems to me now, I actually really suffered terribly. How would I ever reconcile my life with my beliefs? Then it occurred to me; are these really MY beliefs? My quest for a way forward, meaning, truth and restored faith had begun.

I began with Metaphysical studies, followed by Astrology and Reiki. As my horizons broadened, my anxiety lessened and my life took on new purpose and meaning. I later studied Gestalt Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy which both led to my breakthrough. I’m not who I was told I was, I am everything I can become! And it’s the same for YOU.

Gestalt Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy open your mind and flood your consciousness with possibility. This enables you to discard old beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve who you are NOW. This creates the space for the emergence of the authentic you to step forward and claim the life you imagine for yourself.

I absolutely adore my work; I consider it a true privilege to enter the intimate world of my clients. Every therapy sessions is unique, no two clients are treated the same way. It’s all about YOU.

Passion for living is essential if you are to live your best life. My greatest desire is to inspire and motivate you to live that life. I will be open and honest with you, provide a safe environment enabling the support you require to move through your restrictions. I am open and happy to share my own life story. I believe that by truly offering authentic connection the ground is prepared for a compassionate, safe healing environment built on mutual trust.

Come and join us in Ubud Bali for our Passion for Living Retreat, where I’d love nothing more than to be the bearer of the flame that arouses your passion.

Phone: 0412 43 50 65