Multidimensional Spiritual Retreat with Raquel Spencer

Multidimensional Spiritual Retreat with Raquel Spencer

Multidimensional Spiritual Retreat with Raquel Spencer | Passion for Living Retreats

Date(s) - 10/08/2018 - 12/08/2018
All Day

Pullman Magenta Shores, 1 Magenta Dr

Your invitation to become more Multidimensional & Connect to Your Higher Self, Wisdom & Light

With world renowned Multi dimensional healer and facilitator


As she transforms you!!

RS - profile picDon’t miss this unique opportunity to experience Raquel in Australia in 2018, as it is her exclusive commitment through Passion for Living Retreats.
Due to the energetic nature of her work limited places are available.. If this resonates with you, please book NOW as it is time sensitive. We don’t want you to be disappointed.

What’s included; Three days of enlightening and experiential work with Raquel.



Daily –

  • Tea and coffee daily on arrival
  • Yummy morning and afternoon teas daily
  • Delicious lunch daily served in Barretts Restaurant
  • Also; The option of luxury accommodation at a reduced rate for anyone wishing to stay.

Your investment in you; $1,350

A deposit payment can be made with Paypal using the code DEPOSITMULTI or by Direct Deposit by selecting that as your payment option below at ‘Pay Now’ 


Why attend?

Most people become disconnected from their soul’s desire after following a lifetime of should’s.
They seek happiness, clarity and connection, but often fail to get the results they’re seeking……. Why? Because there is a vital piece missing…
Raquel brings through advanced energetic activation’s which empower YOU to live a more Spiritually Connected Life, bringing you to the Cutting Edge of Consciousness.

female hands over Divine sky like a spiritual concept
female hands over Divine sky like a spiritual concept

Raquel’s life shifted profoundly after the unexplained 5-week coma, during which she underwent a Soul Braid and a rewiring of her physical and energetic systems.  The coma marked the beginning of her personal awakening and her preparation to fulfill her ancient agreement to help prepare humanity for the “Shift in Consciousness.”
The re-wiring of her system enables her to handle and facilitate an immense amount of energy at one time, allowing for simultaneous healing to occur on many levels for those she works with. Raquel’s system/matrix/body is specifically designed to handle these multi- dimensional frequencies to shift energy systems quickly and efficiently.
Using ancient and Light language, symbols and codes her energy activations re-open the pathways and spaces within your bio-electrical bodies, allowing you to return to YOUR natural original blueprint, facilitating a deeper connection with your Higher Self.

Are you not certain how this can happen? Look at Electricity!!!!

You know for certain that your ancestors had to light a fire after dark to enable a source of light that gave them outer vision. Have you ever considered that even at that time the science that delivers electricity that gives us instant light now was available…They just didn’t know about it… This yet to be discovered commodity was outside the awareness of the people of that time. So what else remains hidden to us these days that can illuminate our inner vision? New energies are being discovered all the time and often arrive in unfamiliar ways.

As a Multi-Dimensional Energy Specialist, she works directly with your energy systems to clear, activate and upgrade your body to handle your true essence. Her purpose is to help you embody your own unique Divine Light and remember the truth of who you are ~ a Master of Light.

In Raquel’s own words “I am honoured to be considered one of the ‘Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders’.  My mission is to assist humanity to expand their perceptions, to help individuals embody their own unique soul essence and awaken to the truth that we are ALL Multi-Dimensional Masters of Light.”


“I AM fully dedicated to being a Divine Instrument of Light”

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Bookings are now closed for this event.

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  1. Hi- have tried to book a 2nd time- still get taken to a page with an error message instead of Pay Pal? Thanks, Doris

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